Doctrine of Trinity

by Sam
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Published on: December 5, 2011

I will have to agree with what Kirk says about the Trinity here. The quote that Kirk is taking exception to is

“The doctrine of the Trinity is the foundational doctrine of the Christian faith. No other doctrine is more important.”

I want to focus on the word doctrine. I find that it very much misused. Most people say that we need to watch our doctrine closely. After all isn’t that what Paul is saying in 1 Timothy 4:16 NIV? Therefore we got make sure we hold on tight to the doctrines of Calvinism or Arminiasm, Dispensational or Covenantal, Cessationists or not, right? Is this what Paul means by doctrine?

The Greek word that is most often translated as doctrine is DIDASKOU. It literally means teach. Both it’s verb form and noun form is used in the new testament. Mark 7:7 and Romans 12:7 are examples where both the noun and verb form of the word DIDASKOU is used.

So how are people misusing this word or verses that use this word? In the Bible DIDASKOU is used primarily to refer to something that has already been taught. Examples are Romans 15:4, 1 Timothy 1:10, 1 Timothy 4:6, 1 Timothy 6:1, 2 Timothy 3:10 and Titus 1:9. (Note:  DIDASKOU is translated as instruction, teaching, teach or doctrine.) So we have to ask, was dispensationalism or Calvinism being taught in Paul’s days? No. We have all the relevant teachings of Paul and other Apostles in the scriptures.

I am hesitant to call anything that is not in scripture as doctrine. I am not saying that the doctrine or teaching is wrong. A lot of it I have found to be useful including the Trinity. But to make the claim that the Trinity is the most important doctrine goes against scripture. Our most important doctrines or teachings have already been revealed to us in scripture.

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